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So I'm playing a video game that has an extended horseback sequence, and it's inspired me to concoct a little exercise.

For emotional science.

The Query:
- If you could ride to or through any venue on Earth (any time period) or Equestria (as we currently know it) with a pony, which pony would it be and where/when would you go?

The Assumptions:
- The ponies are large enough to support our weight and are rideable, as well as strong enough that you're no burden whatsoever.
- Bareback is totally fine and encouraged for purposes of this exercise. These aren't your average ponies and you're magically an expert rider, because I say so.
- Pegasi can still fly, unicorns can still do magic. Earth ponies can still... I dunno. Dig, or something.

The Stipulation:
- You can't get off of the pony. At all. At least until this is all over. You can slow down, trot around, but wherever you are has to be enjoyable from atop horseback until you leave. At most, this is a mutual bonding session between you and the pony, not a self-insert date.

The Suggestions:
- Before you instantly default to your favorite pony, think about all of them! You might come up with a fun combination!
And yes, stallions, princesses and ponies that would normally be fillies are fair game.

- Try somewhere you're pretty sure you would both like, or at least be able to stay occupied! It'd be counter-productive to go somewhere where one of you would fall asleep -- at least not without a good reason!

My example contribution: I would fly atop Princess Twilight through current-era Times Square in New York City. She'd absolutely gaggle at all the tech and mistake it for magic and want to know everything about how everything works and I'd tell her what I could and just watch her gush all night while huggi--erm, hanging on to her for support. This is to say nothing of being able to climb closer to the stars above.
Also, the tourists would look up and call us "Spider-Man" a lot.

There are others, too, but that's the one I would do first. Try to reply with just one and flesh it out. :twilightsmile:

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Well would you look at that?  I've got a :+fav: from you over here, and no "Thank you for :+fav:" muro on your front page.  Let's fix that, shall we? ;3

Say that Madoka fan-art I see in your Favorites gallery?  And not only that, Madoka fan-art of my favorite character?  Well, intriguing. <3
:iconbookishdelight: favorite in Madoka, I mean. She's only one in an entire list of magi-girls I love. :D
x3 Don't worry; I got ya. <3
Hi I'm Bookish and I like magical girls

And yep. Sayaka's far and away my favorite too. :heart:
I admit, I've been curious if you'd go for Madoka ever since I saw the two compilation movies a few months makes me quite happy to hear you did. ^_^

And no arguments here: Sayaka is the best. <3 :hug:

TurkeySM Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Congratulations! Your "Matters of Principle" deviation has made it into the :iconponies-for-everypony: Featured folder for this month!
Sweet! Thanks. :)
TurkeySM Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome!

Welcome and thank you for joining :iconmysunsetshimmer:

I hope you enjoy it and have plenty of fun! ^^
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